Products & Services


Cariboo Peat & Gravel produces premium quality screened triple mix, screened fir bark mulch, and gravel. Thanks to our location, our unique bog has a mix of sphagnum and sedge peat, with a perfect PH.  We have been consistently helping our customers grow healthy, green lawns and gardens. Our GARDENS speak for the quality of our topsoil. Please CLICK HERE TO VIEW A SLIDESHOW OF OUR GARDENS.

Our Products

  • Topsoil (Bulk delivery): Our topsoil is the ideal first choice for many reasons. It ensures quality and consistency, and improves soil fertility. For years, our product has proven to be an important medium for seeding, laying turf, and planting new or amending existing flowerbeds. It keeps clay loose to promote aeration, and retains moisture and fertilizer in sandy soils.

  • Bark mulch (Fine, medium, or coarse):  Why mulch? … to reduce the amount of garden work.  Bark mulch suppresses weed growth, retains moisture, lessons soil erosion, improves soil fertility and enhances the appearance of flower beds.


  • Gravel (Pit run and screened): We supply both pit run and screened gravel. Pit run gravel is unprocessed material taken from excavation in natural deposits – excellent for road building and compacting driveways. Screened gravel includes drain rock, 2” and  3 /4 minus.


Our Services


  • Gravel trucks and trailers
  • Excavating
  • Catwork
  • Loaders 


Our Experience

  • Ministry of Transportation & Highways
    Tandem Dumptrucks – Road Building, Paving, Sealcoating
    Excavating, Catwork
  • Ministry of Forests
    Tandem Dumptrucks – Road Building, Excavating, Catwork
    Silvaculture, Mounding
  • Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries
    Excavating – Environmental Projects, Habitat Preservation
  • Private Companies & Residential
    Paving, Excavating, Topsoil Delivery
  • Nurseries & Greenhouses     
    Topsoil & Bark mulch Delivery